Saturday, March 19, 2016

Backyard Project Part II

The Fence

Construction on the fence is well under way over here.
We are working with our backyard neighbors to take down the old chain link fence and put up the new wood fence using the existing poles.
The back of the yard with the chainlink
The funny thing is that, as we work on this project, we are spending more time all out there together.
walking into each other's backyards since there is no fence,
their kids are coming into our yard and swinging on our swingset and playing in our sand box.
And suddenly I'm thinking that it's too bad we are building a fence that will separate us more completely.

I know that the backyard will look nice with the new wood fence but I sure am enjoying the interaction.
Because we are using existing poles, we can't build a gate, which is what I want now...
but hopefully we can keep interacting now that we are getting to know each other better.
I have told them to please feel free to bring the kids to use our swingset!
I hope they do.

Anyway, back to the fence.

We bought all of the supplies last week and today Frank did the demo of the old fence.
dismantling the chainlink fence
Then Frank and the neighbor starting putting up the cross pieces
(I'm sure there is an actual name for those pieces but I am no fence builder)

They put up one section of fence so that I could give my ok to how it will look.

I think it will look great!

Update: I started this blog on Friday March 18 and today, Saturday, I came home from work to this:
A completed fence!
Frank was out there putting on the stain so I changed into my grubbies and helped.

Also, as I painted that fence I was really missing my little Isabelle.  
I know that if she were still here, I would have handed her a paint brush and she would have helped me and it would have been so much fun.
We definitely would have ruined whatever clothes she was wearing though.

We will probably need a second coat, maybe next weekend.
As for now, I am sitting on my outdoor couch looking at the view.

Time to research what to plant there. 
Or possibly nap.

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