Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun finds

While we were organizing things at my parents house, we came across this old newspaper clipping.
My Dad had saved it for the article on the other side, but we had a good laugh over this little article on landing a husband that was on the back.
It is from a newspaper from New Zealand in 1958.

Hopefully you can read some of the things listed.

Here are a few:
Take care of your health.  Men don't like girls who are ill.
Don't whine.  Girls who whine, stay on the vine.
If your mother is fat, tell him you take after your father.  If he's fat too, tell him your adopted.
Resist the urge to make him over--before marriage that is!

Another fun find:

We actually found multiples of this item.
We're thinking that Dad found it at some craft fair or something and thought it was funny and bought multiples to give to the grandkids...but never did.

We had a good laugh over it.

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  1. Luckily neither of my parents were fat so I didnt have to lie to Dave. 😂