Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Hubby and I went out with two other couples for our Valentine's Day celebration (we chose to celebrate on Friday night).

If you know us at all, you know that this is quite miraculous.  We don't have friends.
I don't know why we don't have friends.  We think we are quite likable.

But its just hard to find people who want to get together, usually without notice.
We are not big we tend to think about getting together with other people at, say, 5 PM on a Friday night. Weirdly, most people already have plans at that point.

Hmmm... maybe I do know why we don't have friends...

So anyway, we got invited to go out to dinner and then to play games afterward.

We all went together in the same van so we had time for chatting.  Dinner was yummy.
Then we came to our house for games.
(I didn't have time to clean the boys' bathroom so that was a cause for stress on my part as I obviously haven't learned my lesson from the last bathroom incident.)

We were introduced to two new games.  Well, one was very similar to a game we know but they play it with different cards and know it by a different name.  We know it as The Great Dalmuti (we have liked that game for a long was one of the Christmas gifts that we gave everyone one year).  I don't remember what our friends called it.
The other game was called "oh hell". I think it is called that because you want to say that phrase multiple times during the game.

At one point Frank left the room and came back in with 3 little bags from See's Chocolate. He handed a bag to each of the women.  Everyone was quite surprised by the nice gesture!
That was super thoughtful of him...he got us each 2 pieces.
side note:
I had told him that for Valentines Day we should go to See's and pick out one piece each since we are trying to be good and lose a few pounds before the big Hawaii vacation.  Normally I would be hoping for a whole pound (at least) all to myself so I felt like I was showing quite a lot of willpower.  At the time he was like "No way! We have to be good!" but then he snuck out and got me a couple of pieces...what a guy!

Today one of the women said, "We all have a crush on Frank now"

We laughed so much all evening long and just had a nice time talking and hanging out.  Ryan even commented later at how loud we were. I think it's been awhile since he's heard us yelling, laughing and generally carrying on that much.

I love being with other people and laughing and playing cards and talking and eating.  It was just a super fun evening.

And a special thanks to Frank for the thoughtful gesture for all of us gals.  I'm glad you are my valentine!

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  1. Frank just thinks of stuff other men don't think of, I swear. Sounds super fun, and also we're the same way with making last minute plans.