Thursday, February 18, 2016

9:02 AM

It's now 9:02 on a typical morning.

Here is what I do:
-Wake up at 6:00 a.m. so that I can see Carter before he heads off to seminary and school
-Wake Carter up at 6:10 (Ok, I didn't exactly hop out of bed when my alarm went off)
-Ask Carter if he wants a sandwich.
-Make two sandwiches. Peanut butter and Nutella. Or possibly peanut butter and raspberry jam. One goes in a baggie for later, one goes on a plate for now.  Carter eats a sandwich for breakfast just about every weekday.  He's never liked typical breakfast foods. I know he could and probably should make his own sandwich but he's leaving soon and I like doing this little thing for him.  No judging me.
-I usually make some comment on his hair about now.  It's always completely crazy from being slept on when wet...he showers at night.  He ignores me and goes to school with crazy hair. (usually)
-Say good bye to Carter.
-After he drives away, I turn all the lights back off and slip back into bed...just for a minute.
-Get my best, deepest sleep from 6:30-8:00 a.m.
-Wake up kind of groggy at about 8:00
-Wander the house in my pjs and check my phone for all those oh-so-important Facebook/email/instagram updates.
-Think about how I should go workout.
-Don't go workout.  Regret will set in later, but not quite yet.
-Look at the clock.
-Realize that I should probably get dressed. Or possibly pay bills or write a blog or do dishes or put dinner in the crock my pjs of course.

-Hunger will finally drive me to the kitchen where I will drink a smoothie and possibly do the dishes (from the night before if I was lazy yesterday or maybe just put away clean pots if I was not lazy)

When/if I get a job I think I will miss this lazy morning routine I have going on.

So I guess I will just enjoy it while I have it.

It's now 9:17 and I'm still in my pjs with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders as I sit and choose blog writing over dishes and so far it's been a perfect morning.

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