Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mom's Surprise

My parents came up for a short visit from Arizona where they are wintering.  They had planned to drive back down this morning and I was going with to help them drive their car back.

But as they headed over to my house to get me, my mom had serious asthma attack.  This is becoming more and more common for her and it is really stressful for her (obviously) as well as my Dad. She has a nebulizer for these occasions but a fuse had blown in the car and they couldn't get the machine to it was off to the ER.

She is doing fine now but they have decided to stay a bit longer in Arizona since the cold air here in Utah is so hard on her lungs. I (or one of my siblings) will help them drive back later in the spring.

It was just another reminder of the preciousness of life and enjoying the time I have with my parents. It's the main reason I moved to Utah after all!

I mentioned a while back that I was making a surprise for my mom.
Originally I was thinking I would give it to her at Mother's Day but I decided that life is too short to I gave it to her today.

My mom kept a blog for a few years and she really enjoyed doing it.
She gets a lot of joy right now from her memories so I decided to make her blog into a book that she could read over and over.  She really doesn't go online anymore and I think she barely remembers keeping that it was a fun surprise for her.

She keeps saying "Did I take those pictures?" 
"This brings back so many memories!"

She really loves it and I am so happy to give her this little gift.

I love my mom.


  1. That is so scary, I'm so glad she's okay. And that book is such a terrific idea. I think it's awesome that you gave it to her early. I beet it was nice to see her open it in person.

  2. I love your Mom too. Donna has been such a good friend for all of these years. Wishing her well and recovered health. Hugs to Dan too. Karen Barnes

    1. Thanks so much Karen! I will definitely let her know that you commented here, she will be glad to hear from you I'm sure.

  3. Well done Debbie, very well done! This is a perfect gift. Tell her that Larry and Arlene are leaving on their mission on Feb. 23rd and that we are thinking and praying about her.

    1. Will do Larry! We are excited for you!