Friday, May 22, 2015

More miscellaneous stuff

Another one of those blog entries where I list miscellaneous stuff going on in my life.
Kaylee had a doctor appointment the other day so I babysat Isabelle for the afternoon.
We went to the bakery first
I mean, hanging with Grandma must include donuts. right?
But we were sad to discover that they no longer have chalk for the tables.
Maybe it was a pain to keep nice.
But that stunk.
So we took our donuts to go.

We went to a park 
and then to the adjacent city library!
I've been meaning to go there.
The library had a train that Isabelle loved.
There was also a child sized table with big stuffed animals.
She had fun sitting with the animals and reading.
She gave each of them a book.
It was so cute.

We also went up the stairs and came down in the elevator a few times.
Isabelle found the elevator to be intriguing, fun and terrifying all at the same time.

We went to see the farm animals today
Isabelle loves animals.
In person they are so big that she is trapped between being fascinated and scared.
She declined touching any of them
but did like being near.

She's still very enchanted by chickens.

She also loved the room with the fake cow, small tables, trucks and puzzles.

Kaylee was relaxed in the stroller...

Isabelle's favorite part was the carriage ride, pulled by horses.
She wanted to go a second time but only one ride comes with the entrance to the park...
so she cried and threw herself to the ground when they walked away without us.
I find tantrums to be kind of cute now that I'm the grandma.


About a week ago or so we went to the Payson Temple Open House.
Before the temples are dedicated, the public can tour them.
It was a really nice afternoon and the temple was just gorgeous!

We took some pictures together
and when I looked at them afterwards
I was shocked by how I look.

No I will not be putting the picture here.

I don't know why I haven't hit rock bottom and changed my ways...
exercise more or stop eating donuts
or both
because I seriously look like a dumpy, chubby middle aged woman.
I hate it.

I just don't hate it enough...

School is almost over
and I am SO GLAD.

I have considered going to the doctor and seeing if I need medication
because of how much stress and anxiety I've been feeling regarding school.
And I'm not the student!

It's time for summer.

Carter had his final concert at school.
I thought the last one was his final one but I was wrong.

I didn't invite the grandparents (again)
but this time it was because my niece had a concert the same night
and they were planning to go...
so I didn't want to force them to make any sort of choice about which concert to attend.

I used my motherly influence
(which is not much I can tell you)
to convince Carter that I should be able to take a picture of him at his 
last concert of high school.
He obliged.

This is the look of a kid who is happy that band is over.


  1. Every time I see a picture of myself I want to punch myself in the face, and then I literally go eat something. It's like the only way I know how to soothe myself is through food and that makes it all worse. Ugh.

    Everyone's going to that open house, it sure looks pretty! Where is Payson? I don't even know.

    1. South of Provo and Springville...I don't really know either!