Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Since our son, daughter-in-law and grand babies are moving away this summer
we have put our apartment up for rent.

I will be a landlord.
(I don't count it when it's family)

I'm not sure I'm cut out for being a landlord, to tell you the truth.
I'm just too nice.

I like people too much.
I want to make everyone happy.

So the idea of being "friendly" but not "friends" because of a business relationship
is really a foreign thing for me.

So far I have been contacted by about 10 people for my one apartment.
and I want to give it to all of them.
I want to give it to the girl with the little dog, even though we have a no pets policy.
I want to give it to the people who called and I heard a bunch of crying in the background.
Even if it will inconvenience me, I want to make these strangers happy.

Way back when we were in college,
Frank and I were managers of an apartment complex.
We got reduced rent in exchange for our work as managers.

I was terrible at it.

I just wanted people to be happy.
I wanted to give everyone their way.
I wanted to fix everyone's problems.
I wanted to let everyone live in the one open apartment that we had.

I get flashback stress just thinking about it.

I am the one fielding all of the phone calls, texts and emails and I'm just not sure I'm cut out for it!


  1. You can do it Deb! wish I could move to Utah!!

  2. Oooh, you should have Summer move in!