Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Upholstery Class Week 2

I'm going to keep track of what we did in the hopes of being able to reproduce it eventually.

Week 2:

We finished tying off our springs.

I forgot to take a picture of my finished tying job before I had moved on to the next step.  
So I took a picture of my fellow student's tying to remind me of what it should look like.
Hers looked nicer than mine anyway!

Next we cover the springs with burlap and tack all around.

Looks comfy, huh?

Then we had to create some little bumper type things.
I'm sure they have a name, but I don't know what it is...
whatever they are, they make the edges nice and cushy.
We attached these with tacks also.
I was thinking I was definitely running out of places to put tacks!
But somehow I got them all attached.

We also used chalk to outline where the springs were and then hand sewed the burlap to the springs so that everything is nice and tight and connected.

Not beautiful!
But everything is where it should be...

closer view of the bumpers

We cut the corners square with a knife and started layering batting
Making sure it was nice and fluffy with no lumps.

Next time we'll be putting foam and then a nice muslin cover over that.
And then...

the sad part?
I'm missing it. Ack! Missing a class!

The happy part?
I'm going to a concert of "The Piano Guys" instead.

I wish it weren't at the same time as my class but we bought the tickets AGES ago before I even imagined taking this class.

So when I come back next time, everyone else will be way ahead.
Hopefully its easy to catch up/figure out what I'm doing when I'm the only one doing it!

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