Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leaf Peeping

On Sunday, since it was General Conference
we decided to go leaf peeping while listening to church on Frank's XM radio.

Every year I think that we definitely need to go up North and look at the foliage.
And every year we miss it.
Life gets busy and time goes too fast.
And suddenly the leaves are off the trees.

I swore that this year we would go!
Still, I waited a bit too long.
But I was determined to go anyway.

I saw the most amazing foliage on the drive up.
So gorgeous!
The best views happen on the freeway, where you can't really stop and take a picture
and if you do, you have ugly cars in it.
But the drive was just breathtaking.

I kept telling Frank and Carter to look
(since they were both engrossed by their electronic devices...Conference hadn't started yet)
But Frank kept saying,"I don't want to ruin it by looking now.  I'm waiting for the big reveal when we get there"
In the end, that plan did not serve him well since he missed the best stuff.

Once we arrived to our intended spot we realized that many of the red leaves had already dropped
But we still enjoyed some wonderful views!

Get ready for tons of pictures:


Frank got some amazing shots with his phone.  Better than mine with my "real" camera.

Carter LOVES having his picture taken. I forced him to be in a couple.

It was an overcast day and even rained on us a bit at one point.
But it was oh-so-fun!

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  1. You live within driving distance of THAT? I gasped out loud at the ones with the reflective lake. Seriously beautiful. Also, the picture of Carter with Frank is the best picture I've ever seen of him. So cute.