Friday, October 11, 2013

More fall beauty

I arrived early for my upholstery class on Wednesday
(wasn't sure how bad the traffic would be)
so I walked down to a nearby park and enjoyed some New England fall beauty.
The leaves here haven't all turned yet
so I'm excited to see it all transform each week.

(all photos taken with my phone, so not terribly impressive)

I sat on a park bench and read a book for awhile.
Tons of walkers and runners went past.
I was feeling a little bit guilty for sitting there with all this exercise going on around me!

But, I was strong.
I stayed right there on the bench.


  1. Seriously, I have GOT to move to the east coast. The leaves here don't even turn, they just fall off! Seriously! Those red/orange trees are amazing. Also, way to stay strong on your bench. You're a good example to me of not giving in to peer pressure.

  2. I'm hoping there's still a bit of color left when I get there at the end of the month!