Friday, September 6, 2013


I might have mentioned how much reading I've been doing lately.
A ton!
Access to the Boston library from my Ipad has changed my life I tell ya!
I love to read.

I am actually reading a book AND listening to a different book at the same time right now.
I am listening to 
"The Willpower Instinct"
by Kelly McGonigal PhD

It is super interesting.
And kind of depressing.

We humans do a lot of strange things.

I laugh a lot while listening because the reader talks about scenarios that often describe me perfectly.

For example, we humans are willing to reward ourselves not only for doing something good
(such as, I deserve that piece of cake, I worked out today)
but actually just the idea that we might do something good in the future is enough that we reward ourselves.
(I woke up and packed my bag to go work out I think I'll splurge and have that cinnamon roll for breakfast)

I do feel like I need to get my hands on a paper copy now though.
The author ( this a male or female?) gives homework type activities to help you work your "willpower muscles", if you will.
I need to see those in print to remember them I think.
Or maybe go back and write them down after I listen to the book once through.

Anyway, its worth a read!
(or a listen)

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