Thursday, September 12, 2013

Of Football and Friday Nights

Last friday night I went with my neighbors to the High School Football game.
We went for 3 major reasons:
my son is in the marching band
their son is a cheerleader and in the marching band
a friend's son is on the football team

While sitting on those bleachers with friends I remembered something.
I love football.

I love being at the game
be it High School, College (Oh the memories!), or 
(in my dreams) Professional
I like the whole feeling of the thing.
I like the cheering and the yelling.
I like a good game, even if my team doesn't win.

My son was in the marching band last year and the year before that.
So that's not new.
But my hubby really isn't into the football thing.
(Oh I could tell you stories of wasted season tickets in college...)
So we usually went at halftime to watch the band and only stayed for part of the game, if that.

Last friday reminded me of how much I really enjoy being at a game.
Staying the whole time.
Making a fool of myself
(why am I the only one yelling sometimes?)

And also
My kid was great in the band.
He's in the drum line.
Oh yeah!

He's the one on the far right in the back, playing the quads.
(that's 4 drums for those who don't know)

He will hate this picture.
He hates all pictures.
But, it's my blog.

I was reminded yet again that I really need to brush up on my photography skills.
I brought my real camera and everything 
but messed up the all of my pictures are total crap.
Luckily my neighbor took some good ones and emailed them to me.
So all of the pictures you see are his.
Of course, if I had taken the above picture of Carter, he would have covered his face or turned away.
He won't even look at me if I have a camera in my hands, especially at the games!
So it's a good thing Mike was there with his camera.
Go Mike!

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  1. He looks cute! I also love football, unless my husband is coaching. Heh. But I loved and went to every home BYU game the whole time I was there.