Sunday, September 22, 2013


I've started something new and I'm pretty excited about it!
A good friend of ours repairs and refinishes furniture for a living.
I occasionally ask him for tips or advice when working on a project.
He's always really helpful
But I feel a little bad for always asking for free advice when it's his job.

I recently asked him if he'd be willing to take me on as a sort of "apprentice"...
Letting me watch what he does and learn from him.
And he said yes!

So one or two days a week I've been going to his shop
Helping a bit
Screwing things up occasionally
And learning a lot!

I just wish I had more time to go
Although he's probably glad to have a little "Debbie-free time" occasionally

Here's a picture from this week:

We stripped a table, fixed a chair and put a finish on another table
And when I say "we" I mean mostly him...
Just to be honest.
I'm not that useful.

But I'm having a great time!


  1. That is great Debbie. I wish I knew how to do that too! I need to strip and refinish the kitchen table I have now.

  2. That is a terrific way to learn. I have several photographer friends that are amazing that apprenticed to professional photogs. Good for you!