Wednesday, September 25, 2013


A few weeks ago Carter mentioned to us that he wanted to go to a music festival.
I half listened but didn't give it a lot of thought.
Then he brought it up again.
and again
and again

He wanted to go to FreshGrass, a bluegrass festival that takes place here in Massachusetts.
In Boston?
Oh no!
It's on the other side of the state
2 1/2 hours away!

Oh, and he didn't want to go with his parents
He was hoping he could just go with Austin or a friend from school
(Of course, he'd need a ride though)

So we looked into it
and broke the news to him that if we were driving 2 1/2 hours to go anywhere
we'd be staying for the festivities.
sorry for the bad news, kid.
Your parents are coming!

We did tell him to feel free to pretend not to know us once we got inside
But to keep in mind that this would mean that he better bring his wallet
Lunch is definitely not on us, if we are being avoided!

He agreed to the terms and we were all set for a day of Blue Grass fun!

I forced everyone to take a group photo before we went in.

They are all SO EXCITED to take this picture.

Anyway, the venue was Mass MoCA
which stands for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

It was a great!
We toured the museum a bit:

Not all of the art impressed Frank...

Our favorite:
Two HUGE phoenix made from all kinds of stuff...literally trash!
And they were absolutely gorgeous and amazing.

I tried to get some close-ups so you can see what it's made of:

The artist is Xu Bing
He also had another amazing piece of art upstairs...
A tiger pelt made from cigarettes!

More pictures of the Phoenix

The music was, of course, awesome!
We saw so many different groups and such amazing talent.

We got rained on a bit during the day, but nothing too bad.

But during the last band of the night it really started coming down on us.
We were brave though and stayed to the very end.
I went up by the stage and danced...tried to find Austin who was up there as well but it was too crowded/dark/wet and I couldn't find him.

And, in the end, Carter decided we weren't too bad.
He and his friend sat by us for the final few bands
(I guess its hard to pass up seats and blankets and snacks)

Afterwards, Austin asked Carter if he had danced during the last band.
Carter gave him a withering look and said no
Austin replied, "Mom danced!"
Carter said, "Yeah but she's a weirdo"

Good to know my reputation remains intact.


  1. Oh, how fun!!! You ARE awesome parents.

  2. What a fun day! You guys are awesome. I've always wondered about art installations like that cigarette tiger. How did they get it there? Did he make it on that floor and when it's over they'll take it apart, or is it stuck together somehow?