Friday, December 21, 2012

My Red Secretary

I realized today that I never posted about my red secretary (once it was finished).
I think I posted a picture on Facebook, but that's just not the same.
And now that we're moving and I'm not sure I'll have room for it,
I feel the need to make sure it is documented!

Here is what was originally in this spot:

Here is my beauty (from the craigslist pictures):

This piece just spoke to me the minute I saw it on Craigslist.
I didn't buy it though and when it dissappeared, I was so sad.
Then a couple of days later, it reappeared with a slightly lower price!
I took it as a sign and ran right over to check it out.
Once I saw it in person, I saw it's flaws...
It is really really old
It smells like old, dry wood
The moulding on the top is cracked
And it was hand-made by the owner's grandfather which meant that is wasn't necessarily put together perfectly.
There are old nails
holes where they just sawed open a spot for a plug or some such thing
sticky spots
ink spills
tiny holes from push pins 
It was a well used piece of furniture, that much is for sure!
But the woman had absolutely no room for it and had to let it go.
She said she could see that I was going to love it and so she gave me an even bigger discount.
How could I say no?

It has been a lot of work.
The wood needed to be stripped and conditioned first.
It was sooo dried out.

Then I decided to paint it red.
It was kind of a hard decision since it is such an old piece but the fact of the matter is that I will love it more that way, and it is now mine to love.
And its not in perfect shape or a priceless antique.
So I went for it.

I had some issues with the paint not curing and a fair amount of stress.
For awhile there I thought I might have to strip it and start over!
I had to choose new hardware since the original hardware was broken
and I put a lot of thought into it.  
I ended up buying some beautiful pulls and lock covers from a place that makes hardware for fine antique furniture.  They are perfect.

I love it so much.
I has drawers for the various school supplies and such that I kept in the previous desk.
It has the pull down desk (covered in beautiful wood thanks to my woodworking genius friend Bro. Danjou)
It has shelves for my cookbooks, my adorable yellow phone and other decorative items.

I will be sad if I can't fit it into my new house.
But I can sure say that I enjoyed it for the time I had it.


  1. I love it! Find space for it, friend, you deserve to live with that secretary forever.