Thursday, December 20, 2012


Our yearly tradition of making gingerbread houses is really one of my favorites. 
This year, however, with the whole moving thing and the fact that the house is a mess...
I just wasn't in the mood at all.

I never got around to inviting all the people I had planned to invite.
I just felt overwhelmed.

As I worked on cooking the pieces for the houses I was very blah.
I kept looking around at my messy house
and thinking that I'd rather be napping.

But I finished up the house pieces and the soup I'd made in the crock pot
and my friends showed up.
and guess what?
It was so much fun!

We laughed and talked and caught up with the college kids.
We decorated the houses
We ate the soup and the homemade rolls brought by my friend.

The kids decorated better than they have in years.
and even though I managed to break Carter's roof into 4 pieces while trying to help him,
he still ended up doing a great job on it.

Frank and I shared a house this year,
which was a little hard for me, I will admit.
But it was fun.
Frank put some special decorations on the roof in honor of Austin, who isn't here yet.
A rainbow, a peace sign and some "dancing bears" (a Grateful dead thing if you don't know)
Austin thought it was nice but said, "What is it?"
which I thought was a weird thing to ask.
After I told him it was a peace sign he texted back to say that is was a very nice gesture but we had drawn it incorrectly!
Um, yep.
We knew that...
I have no idea why none of us noticed it wasn't right AT ALL.
Upside down
missing pieces
whatever, we were young during the swinging sixties!
It's the thought that counts, luckily.

A good Christmas memory, again.


  1. I'm not sure I could bake all that gingerbread (mostly because it doesn't get eaten!). You are amazing. I love your upside-down peace sign! I cannot stop laughing. You're awesome parents.

  2. That is awesome, an upside down peace sign! Ha!

    I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house but never have. I am glad you did it even though you didn't want to!

    BTW, Frank looks great! I hope he's feeling as good as he looks!