Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My dilemma

So now that Frank is home, he has all these rules regarding what he can and can't eat.
And basically he can't eat anything fresh.
No fresh fruits or veggies.
Now, obviously these rules do not apply to me.
I can have all the salad I want!
But you tend to not buy the things that your spouse can't have.
It just seems rude.

The other issue is that Frank's taste buds aren't working right.
It's a side effect of chemo and it will eventually wear off.
He's been through it before
so he knows that it does eventually go away.
but it is annoying while its there.
Everything tastes disgusting to him...
it has a metallic, bitter taste
and he can't really taste salt or sweet.

So he tends to crave these two flavors: salty and sweet.
He salts the crap out of everything.
and he'll take a sweetened cereal and add sweetener to it.  
It's nasty.

But I find myself at the grocery store filling my cart with all kinds of prepackaged (the only kinds of things frank can have) sweets.
Now, let's be honest here.
I have a problem already.
I love sweets!
So, do I hate to eat these things?
No indeed.
I'm more than happy to bring home these dangerous items.

I do feel judged at the checkout counter though.

But every week as we go to the clinic for Frank's checkups he is dropping weight.  
Because he eats like a bird, folks.
One bite here, one bite there.
But I am gorging myself on all the crap he isn't eating!
It all tastes just fine and dandy to me.

And, as I mentioned in my previous whiny post
I am having a lot of pain in my back.
So I'm going to the chiropractor and he has told me
no exercise right now
not that I was doing that anyway
Just these little back exercises that burn like 2 calories probably.

So as Frank loses weight
I am gaining
and gaining
and eating
and eating

My only hope here is self control.

Yeah.  Not my best feature.
and certainly not right now.
(yes, I'm justifying)

Ok, that's all I have to say.
I'm off to eat a piece of pie for breakfast and put on my fat jeans


  1. At least you have a reason. I buy all that, eat all that, and I don't have a husband who can't eat anything else. You're allowed to justify for now.

  2. Try brushing your teeth out polishing your naila when you get the urge to snack, it helps a little.