Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Our 24th anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks.

It's been a rare thing for us to do something really big for our anniversary but we do usually go out...dinner and movie at least.  

When we lived by Frank's parents for those wonderful five years, they always offered to take the kids (little at the time) overnight and we would go somewhere, even if it was just some cheap place since we were as broke as broke could be then.  It was nice to get away.  I remember one anniversary when we went to 3 movies in a row.  That's how rare it was to get out...we felt the need to see ALL the movies at once.

This year is weird knowing that we can't go out.
We can't leave.
No dinner.
No movie.
No getaway.

If we were really creative I'm sure we could think of a way to get away somewhere but the thought of going to some hotel with unknown germs just to say we "got away" isn't that appealing to me.

So we're having a little party here at the house.  We're going to Barbecue.  I'll try to find a good recipe for a cake or something interesting for dessert.  Something that at least looks fancy.  I'll try not to ask Frank to make a pie even though that sounds really fabulous right now. :-)  

The poor man has made 3 already, plus a crust for a quiche.

I'm sure it will be nice and, if we are honest with ourselves, that's really how we like to spend our time anyway, at home with a relaxed meal being casual.  We aren't fancy people.  And when I go out to a nice restaurant with really delicious expensive food, I usually eat too much and then my stomach hurts and I regret it.  So eating at home is a better idea anyway, I have more self control.  That's weird, I know.

We'll probably invite a couple or two over for cards or a movie on the big tv.

In the end, it'll be just right.

And that's how I really want to spend my anniversary.  Enjoying people I care about, eating food I like (and not getting sick in the process), and being grateful to be with the man I love for one more day, one more year.

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  1. I always want to do a big something and then I feel sick about the money we spend (like Boston last least our hotel and his plane was free! The cannoli's were another story). I bet your night will be perfect. I wish I could come.