Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking Back II

Making my way toward Christmas...and the current date as I go through my pictures
After Thanksgiving the next big event is the finding of the perfect Christmas Tree!
Our tradition is to cut one down and everyone takes a turn with the saw...and that means Grandma and Aunt Judy too!  We don't spare anyone in our traditions. No siree.

But we found a beauty that is nice and tall for our big ol' family room!

Austin manned the ladder as we decorated.
This year we decorated in record time.
I did all the lights (not sure why I have this nasty job since I get welts all over wherever I touch the tree but whatever)
and then everyone pitched in with the decorating.
usually my kids peter out early on but this year they did better than usual and we got all the ornaments on without any weeping, wailing or gnashing of teeth!

Grandma and Aunt Judy helped of course and we even forced Grandaddy off the couch to put on his token ornament so he could say he officially helped!

the finished tree is delightful!

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  1. It's SO pretty! Our tree wasn't quite that gorgeous. More lights next time.