Thursday, August 3, 2017

Out of Control

Frank's garden is out of control, but in a good way!
Cutting down those trees really did cause the garden to grow quickly and noticeably.

Check it out:

Perhaps it is hard to tell but everything is HUGE.
The Zucchini, corn, tomatoes, beans and peas are all taller than me by a lot.

Here's a view from behind showing the tomato plants and peas with Roma tomatoes and beans in the background.

A bunch of tomatoes are on the plants and quite a few will be ready to pick tomorrow
(really they were ready today but I wasn't up for it)

The corn is amazing.
Huge ears and soo delicious!

^^Look at that beautiful corn!^^

The zucchini plant continues to give us 1-3 PER DAY.
Holy smokes that is too much zucchini.
Zucchini plants always get big but this one is just enormous.

Here are my beautiful strawberry plants working hard and spreading out.
Frank planted new plants that are ever-bearing and give bigger berries.
The plants have to do a lot of growing before they will produce enough to be impressive but Frank currently picks 1-2 berries per day and saves them for me.

They are really sweet and quite big.

It's amazing to see what Frank does in the garden!  He really has a green thumb.
I had better find some good zucchini recipes soon.

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