Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I spent a long time today doing one of my least favorite things in the world.
I worked in the garden.
I weeded, I dug, I planted.

You see, Frank does all of the work in the vegetable garden so he has this idea that I should be the one to be in charge of the front "flower" garden.
I put flower in quotes because it really isn't a flower garden as much as a weed garden.

Side note:
Allow to me to present some evidence of my beautiful weed garden.

We have some interesting weeds.
Clover.  Everyone is familiar with clover.
A weed that grows from the center out and sends out all these feelers that then root as well.  This one is easy to pull but seems to regrow within minutes.  I swear!  I go inside to wash my hands and I come back and there they are again. Grrr.
And lastly there is a weed that literally shoots little seeds at you if you touch it.  They fly up and hit you in the eye, no joke.  So it's a little depressing to know that as you pull one weed you are planting 100 more.
Also, I not only don't know the names of real plants, I don't know the names of weeds either...so descriptions will have to do.

Back to the story:

I disagree with Frank's idea.
I think he should do all of the gardening, flower and otherwise. He should also mow the lawn. Fix all broken things.  And kill all bugs.
I will do the canning and the reading of novels and the watching of netflix.
Sounds totally fair to me.
Oh, and Frank needs to pay for all of the eating out too, since I hate to cook.

About a year ago (ok a bit more than that) Frank pulled out all of the huge overgrown bushes in the front of the house.
I used to complain about them so he took them out as a Mother's Day gift to me.
I was thrilled.
The glitch was that he mistakenly thought that I would immediately plant a lovely garden in it's place.
I do not have the flower garden gift...I find it incredibly difficult to choose plants and decide where things should go.
I want it to look amazing with flowers and bushes and flowers (I like flowers) but without the effort of picking, buying, planting or caring for said flowers and bushes.
It's a problem.

Look! Dirt without weeds!

So in the spring I finally hired someone to come and give us a plan for the front garden.
And then she had to cancel on us several times (due to totally legitimate emergencies that came up)
so when she finally came, she felt guilty and gave us a plan for only $50!
Woo Hoo!

However I didn't run right out and buy the plants she suggested.
Instead I had Frank pull out even more bushes in the backyard and build me a fence.
So now I have a huge strip of weed garden in the back yard as well.
How do I get myself into these situations?

But today I decided that I had had enough of the weed garden!
I went, with my plans in hand, to the local nursery and asked them to show me the various plants listed and tell me which ones can safely be planted at this time of year.
I bought a few of them.
I came home and got totally dirty and muddy and weeded for hours on end.
Me and my adorable girl gardening gloves

The bad news? I'm not done.
There are so many weeds! I want to cry.

The good news?
I planted a few of the new plants, relocated some of the plants we already had that were in the wrong place and relocated a large number of snails. Ew.

I worked until it got dark outside!
yes, I was that dedicated.

Here's what it looked like when I was done:

What? I told you I worked till it was dark!

Ok seriously, here it is:

5 badly divided day lilies...some are big and some are little but it is what it is...I was tired!
I hope they survive. 
I divided some last year without knowing what I was doing and they survived and grew pretty darn big so hopefully these do the same thing.

You can see a few of the new plants on the left of the picture.
They should fill in and they flower in the spring.

In the back you can see...more weeds.
More work for tomorrow!

I think I'm going to plant some tulip bulbs and maybe, if I'm feeling energetic, some mums for fall color.

I hope I don't wake up to find all that bare dirt refilled with those dang weeds.


  1. OH I haaaate weeds but the one time I actually planted flowers they made me so happy that I actually weeded every day to keep it looking nice. Way to go on your hard work, I think it looks great!

    1. I've gone out every day to see if the weeds have taken over. I've pulled a few more. But the other side of the house is still totally weedy...haven't had the urge to work on it yet. My back still hurts from doing this side!