Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let's talk about some football!

Just to prove that I am living life to the fullest,
I went to Arizona for a quick weekend trip to see the BYU football game.

In the past (when I was a student at BYU to be precise) I was a huge BYU football fan.
I had season tickets and went to every home game.
I even went after having Branden and I took him with me in a baby pack.
I usually went with my brother who is THE biggest football fan.

I haven't been much of a football watcher in many years.
My husband doesn't care about football at all
and neither do my kids.
I always forced the kids to watch the super bowl because I felt it was un-American not to do so.
But I am back in Utah now and all of my family are huge BYU fans
so I've been feeling the pressure to get back on track with football watching.

Side not: the oldest child has become a football fan in the last few years.  No idea how it happened but it's good!

So, anyway, when my brother invited me to go to this game, I was definitely in.

My cousin, Delos, got us a box for this game and it was 

Perfect view, 50 yard line, comfy seats, a private bathroom (the biggest perk in my girl-who-hates-ladies-room-lines kind of way), and room to walk around when stressed about the game.
I felt so privileged and rich.

Except that we didn't order any food for the box because we are all cheapskates...
we just trudged down to the snack bar like all the regular people.
Now we all feel spoiled and want to watch all of our football games from the rich people seats.
Alas, this is probably a once in a blue moon kind of deal for me.

The game was really fun and exciting and stressful and frustrating and awesome.
We won.
That's why my list didn't end in "frustrating".

So many BYU fans were there!
It was LOUD

Even if we hadn't won, I would have had a great time.
Celebrating our win
I love love love spending time with my family and that includes the extended family.
I spent time with cousins, brother, sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, and kids of cousins 
(what is that called? I can never remember) 

After the game, the BYU team walked around the perimeter of the field and gave high fives to the fans.
It was a really fun gesture and I loved watching it.

The 11 hour drive each way went by quite quickly as I chatted with Delos.
I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.
It was a super fun weekend for me!


  1. jealous. if i had known girls were allowed i would have been there! ;)

  2. by the way that was me (ellen)

  3. So fun! When I told Dave about it (right before the game started) he said "Why didn't you tell me earlier so I could go?" Everyone loves box seats!