Thursday, September 22, 2016

A rainy Thursday night

Frank has been traveling a lot lately
which is something he used to do all the time
but we have had a break for awhile now and we have both gotten used to him being around.
He's not too excited for the travel but it does mean that things are going well for him at work
so that's a good thing.
I keep thinking I should tag along for some of his trips but then he tells me his itinerary
and I'm like "nah"
Long flights for short stays just don't make me excited.
So instead I am enjoying some "alone time" and binge watching chick shows that Frank would hate.

I keep thinking I will start writing 
"Letters to Frank"
but I haven't done it yet.
I'm afraid the letters would be too boring.

It's been raining quite a bit here in the last week.
Last night it rained quite hard and it actually woke me up!
I have been opening windows and enjoying the lovely fall air
but it's starting to actually feel chilly sometimes which isn't my favorite
since it makes me think of winter.

The mountains have changed color.
I didn't even realize that they did that.
One minute they are grey and stony looking with a bit of green here and there and the next minute they have all this orange and yellow on them.
It really adds a lovely fall feeling to the whole area.

I decided that I would get back on track and go to the gym this week
and then the gym was closed.
So instead I have laid around, read books, and watched tv.
It reopened today
but of course I decided to start again on Monday.

I'm having real issues with cooking when Frank is out of town.
Ok, I have issues with cooking when Frank is in town too...
but it's even worse when he's gone, if you can imagine that.
The other night I had leftover stuffed peppers in the fridge,
bread and sandwich stuff at the ready,
canned stew or chili were all available to me.
I ate some bagged popcorn and called it a night.
I think I also had a string cheese at some point.
I have got to get a grip.
Monday perhaps.

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  1. If Dave's not home I don't cook anymore at all. This is starting to be a problem with our budget as he isn't home 5 or 6 nights a week.