Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stuff in my head at midnight

We got Carter all registered for school.
Here in Utah, our taxes are lower than they were in Massachusetts
but, holy moly (moley?) they have a lot of school fees!
Carter's fees were $232!
What did that pay for?
book rental
library fee (what?)

no locker
no yearbook
no parking pass
no activities

those will come later I assume, when Carter
1-gets his license
2-realizes he needs a locker
3-makes friends and wants to do something other than watch youtube (please!)

He was pretty annoyed that not only does he have to take English, Math, and PE but he has to pay to do it! haha

I have made zero headway on the removal of the wallpaper since I last mentioned it.
I am at a loss.
I have called and emailed a variety of drywall people
and have gotten no responses.
I told Frank I would can some tomatoes from his garden while he was out of town on a business trip
and he said he'd rather I worked on the dining room.
Too bad for him.
I'm canning tomatoes.
Denial is my way of dealing with the dining room project for now.

I know what you are thinking.
Frank is so lucky to have me.

Guess what?
Isabelle is starting to like me!
She smiles when she sees me.
She gets excited to go upstairs to our house.
She puts her arms out so I can pick her up.
She holds my hand and we walk around the backyard.

Kaylee is still stingy with the smiles and giggles
but I can get one now and then.

I'm still nervous to actually babysit.
Two kids under 2.

I realized today that I am kind of prickly.
I'm having trouble acting warm/fuzzy/happy/nice towards the people here.
I'm annoyed.
My kid isn't happy so I'm not happy.
Their accent bugs me.
They are all so dang friendly...seriously I can't take it.

I know none of my reasons for being prickly make a lot of sense.
But it's the truth.
I'm working on it, ok?

I am lucky that I already have some built in friends here.
It's making the move a bit easier 
(but it's still hard, don't get  me wrong)
I've seen my old buddy Annette from PA two times!
I'm going to lunch with my internet friend, Jacey, tomorrow.
I had my family here for a BBQ.
My parents have dropped by a number of times.
Amber, the babies and my son are right downstairs...which has been awesome!
I have a few other friends who are patiently waiting for me to be less crazy so we can get together.
It feels good to know I'm not all alone out here.

I joined a gym
Now I'm really at home since I have a place I pay money to every month so that I can never go but feel guilty about it.
I did tack up their class schedule on my cork board.
So that's progress.


  1. Um, why are there fees at all? I don't get it. I don't think we had to pay fees in high school? Paying for a locker? Seriously? And for math and english? I don't get it. It's public school isn't it?

    It's the prickly east coaster in you. It'll fade in time. :) Heh. Just kidding. I know what you mean. I'm sorry poor Carter isn't happy. I hope it gets easier for him. Moving is just the worst/hardest/stupidest thing.

    1. Super weird, right? Fees for all the classes...even ones that you can't imagine what the fees are paying for. I don't think they are supplying paper/pencils/pens so what is the fee for? They don't explain it either. But I guess it's just high school that has them?? I actually don't know. It's odd. There must be a way for low income people to avoid the fees since public education is (I thought) free.

      It IS the prickly east coaster in me. I imagine it will fade but I was there 18 years so it could be awhile!