Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Schools starts...and other news

Well, school started.
Carter is in 11th grade at a new school in a new state.

I forgot to take a picture before his first day so I made him take one right after school.
I got this one picture and then my phone died.
He doesn't want to try again.
Besides, it's like day 5 now.

We got some patio furniture
so we can eat outside.
We have a nice covered patio and the evening weather has been gorgeous.
No mosquitoes.
Lots of flies.

And the whole table and chairs are...
Because my house just doesn't have enough beige!
But it was a great deal...so that comforts me.

I spent an entire day cooking, canning, chopping, and freezing
the produce from Frank's garden.
It was a lot of work and I felt like my return was not very great.
I made soup which took a long time.
Then canned it.
Shredded zucchini.
Made zucchini bread and muffins
made dinner!
Too much kitchen work for me.

I love the way clouds come rolling over the mountains here.
So pretty.

Isabelle no longer thinks Kaylee is a cute addition to the family
(if she ever did think that)
She's jealous.
She gets a little rough with Kaylee...smacking her legs and feet as she sits in the carseat for example.
Crying and throwing fits when mom shows Kaylee attention.
It's kind of sad and kind of funny.

See her here pretending to be interested in the baby?
Her next move will be something mean.
You can see it in her face...


  1. I never had that problem with my kids, they were all far enough apart I think. But I am a bit worried that my kids are going to hate this baby and the changes it brings to our family. Only time will tell I guess.

    What does Carter think of the new school? I hope he's making friends. He looks tall.

    I like the furniture! I've always wanted patio furniture. I love the desert evenings that are cool enough to sit outside in.

    I've never canned anything. Too lazy. so at least you did it at all. I would've let it go bad and thrown it away.

    1. Your kids are old enough that they will probably love the baby! Carter was 5 years younger than my youngest boy and they all just loved him.
      He is stuck being an only child now, however. This has good and bad parts to it but I think he would probably say he gets too much "parent time" haha!

      I think Carter likes the school. But he gives me almost no information in general so I could be wrong.

      I like canning in theory. And I love the taste of home canned food. But oh my gosh its a lot of work!