Monday, August 25, 2014

Crazy Hail Storm

The weather here in Utah has been amazing since we arrived.
I have only been here a few weeks and already my family is sick of me saying 
(sometimes multiple times in one trip outside)
or something along those lines.

It's been cooler than usual most days.
That's what the locals keep telling us.
We've have a number of thunder storms (I have always liked thunderstorms)
Even on hot days, the mornings and evenings are so nice.

Well, last night we had a first.

The first thing we noticed was that our back sliding door was covered in hundreds of flying bugs.
Mostly little ones.
This has never happened to us before so it was weird.
We mistakenly opened the door for a second and they just swarmed inside.
It was gross.
But we realized shortly that they were just trying to get under cover.

Suddenly there was all this loud noise.
We thought it was a sudden rain storm but it was way too loud.
So we went out the front door
(we learned our lesson about opening the back door)
and saw hail!

It was surprisingly big.
The trees were being ripped to shreds
and I doubt my brand new basil plant fared very well
(haven't checked on it yet)

Carter ventured out for a few seconds but the ice was painful so he didn't last long.

This morning we got up to find lots of shredded leaves scattered about
and quite a few that were blown inside the house as we were storm watching.

I'm still dealing with the little bugs that got inside.

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  1. I am dying that you opened the door! So funny! We get hail a lot here, which is weird I think. But my kids love it and they run in it even though it hurts.