Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Middle age

You know those people?
The ones who act and look "middle aged"?
Some of them were probably like that when they were 20, at least it's hard to imagine them any other way.

Well, I've never considered myself to be one of them.

Today, due to a simple but true comment
I came to the realization that I am one of them.
And it has made me very depressed.

I consider myself:
Easy going

I know what kind of fashion I like
And it is not middle aged.

But guess what? 
I don't wear those clothes
I don't buy those clothes
I am drawn to them and then I think
I need to lose 20 pounds first
I need a cuter hairstyle
I need to wear makeup

And I walk on by
And purchase something large and comfortable to wear "in the meantime"
Something, let's be honest here, frumpy and middle aged.

I'm not young.
I'm 46

 I think I'm less carefree than I used to be.
(darn cancer)

I have aged a great deal over the last two years
(Just another thing I'll lay at cancer's doorstep)

What's my point?
I realized today
that I am middle aged.
And I am not one bit happy about it.


  1. STOP IT!!! Get youthful. You're a lot of fun. Have you been forgetting to wear your lip gloss? You know...I credit cancer for making me more carefree. I feel like it has been a bit of a blessing in my life, but then I don't have kids to worry about. Maybe it's time to coordinate another girlfriend weekend! :-)

  2. You are all those hints. Funny and cute and smart and awesome. If that makes you middle aged then I want to be middle aged too.