Friday, December 20, 2013

Living it up

I got an email sometime last spring with an offer for a week in Cancun for an unbelievable price.
the catch? 
Must attend a 90 minute presentation to offer us...blah blah blah

Knowing that my husband has this inherent need for sunshine and beaches, I forwarded it to him.
And I admit, I was a little surprised when he actually booked it.

This man is a salesman.
And he really hates being approached by other salesmen.
So I pictured 90 minutes of hard sell tactics trying to sell us a timeshare as pretty much a nightmare.

We went on this trip on November 16th.
And I did something I have never done before.

I just enjoyed it.
I didn't take a camera.
I left my phone in the safe the whole week.

Frank did have his phone so we got a few pictures of the place.
Which is probably a good thing because even though I enjoyed every minute of the vacation,
chances are good I would forget without some sort of photographic reminder.
My memory is very very bad.
...I try not to think about it...

And I'm not even going to fix any of the photos...crooked? dark? badly framed?
I care not.


Our favorite restaurant (all food was included but we only had 3 restaurants to choose from)
It was very cool at night
and we ate a lot of Molcajete which we LOVE.

The walkway at night:

Our room was on the ground floor which we actually enjoyed...we could stroll right out of our patio and hit the pool or beach.
We also had a hammock which we kept intending to use but never quite got around to it until almost the end of our stay.
Here is Frank relaxing:

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard.  He went all the way to the ground!
As you can see, above his head there, our hammock was ripped.
They replaced it when we called but it was still only so-so in the comfort department.
But at least we didn't hit the ground after that!

It was a great, relaxing week in paradise.

And we survived the 90 minute sales pitch.

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  1. You didn't even mention this trip! How fun!! And also I'm still laughing out loud about the hammock. Hiiilarious.