Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend in New Hampshire #1

I recently spent a weekend in Jackson, New Hampshire for a scrapbooking retreat.
I haven't done one of those in AGES.

Anyone who is my friend on Facebook already knows all about it because I posted pictures of all of my layouts as I finished them.
But I have to document here for my own memories.

I went up with a friend from Ink About It, Joni.
and we met two other friends there Meg and Claire.

The weather was kind of gross and rainy as we drove up but I still got a picture of the cute covered bridge that sits at the entrance of the town of Jackson.

 The Hotel was amazing.  A big old building.

We found out during check-in that the hotel is known to be haunted.
(nice ghosts thankfully)
Since I had just gone on a tour in Boston with my brother Dion and they had mentioned haunted hotels in Boston, I thought it was interesting.
Joni and I decided we wanted to meet the ghosts.

The freaky dream I had that night will come in another post!

The hotel was sitting near a gorgeous stream and waterfall.
So on the second day, when the weather was nice, Joni and I went for a walk and I took a few pictures.
It was a really gorgeous area.
I guess the rain from the previous day had made the river run high...but it was just crazy that day.
LOUD and wild.  You definitely wouldn't want to fall in because you'd be swept away for sure.
It was pretty cool to see.

Shortly after this walk, I came down with some sort of food poisoning.
Which made my afternoon and evening of that day less enjoyable and less productive.
Luckily it passed quickly and I was back scrapbooking the next morning.


  1. Looks like a lovely place! Can't wait to hear about your weird dream.

  2. Very cool! I would love to scrapbook again someday, it's been since April for me!

  3. I truly enjoyed the weekend. You are a great roomie, thanks for joining me.