Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dion comes to visit!

My brother Dion came to visit during the last week of October.
I rarely get family visitors so it was awesome!
(I like that business trips occasionally bring people here.  Otherwise I'd never see anyone!)

Unfortunately he took all of the pictures soI have very few to put on here.
I'll have to go steal some from him.
*ok, stole some*

Day 1 didn't go as planned.  We had planned to pick him up from the Boston airport and go to dinner and maybe walk around the city a bit.

Instead we ended up taking Carter to the ER at Mass General for a big lump on his neck
so Frank picked Dion up and brought him back to the ER instead.
We were there a LONG time.
But Frank was able to take Dion up to Lunder 10 (the cancer floor) where he spent most of 2012.
I think Dion found that interesting.
I mean, who wouldn't?
As usual, none of Frank's nurses were there. 
 I swear everytime we go up there to try to visit, none of them are working. sad.

We finally left the ER pretty late and decided to go to dinner
So we took him to one of our favorite places, Papparazzi.
We usually go to a different one but we went to the Boston one
and it was great.

The next day was Sunday so we went to church together
and he bonded with everyone in the ward right away.
what the heck?
I think they like him better than me.

For the afternoon we decided to take him out to see the foliage, 
which was not at its peak...not gonna lie.
Yes, it was chilly.  No mocking my attire!
But we went to Walden Pond and Concord
and it was a nice day together.

Monday morning we headed down to Boston to see the sights there before he had to check into his hotel and start working.
Gets in the way of life.

We went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.
Dion was pretty excited about this...and, well, I love a good donut, so I was on board.
We even ran into one of Austin's friends working there.
He was all "Hi Mrs. Hill!" I always feel old when people call me Mrs. Hill.

Dion's festive donut choice.

Before heading to Boston we went to the MIT observatory that was over by our old house.

aaand we might have swung by the old house just to check it out
(since he'd never been there)

Anyway, once we got to Boston, we did the guided tour from the Park Service and it was a great time.
Our guide was quirky and funny and had good stories.
She even told us all about some ghosts in a hotel downtown
(since 2 of the people in our group were staying there)

We had lunch in Faneuil Hall
(a must for any tourist)

and got some Cannolis
(No pictures! what?)
The statue of Paul Revere was wearing a beard and jersey since it was during the World Series.

We even road the T

and enjoyed a bit of the super friendly, unafraid squirrels in Boston Common.

So I think we hit all the high points for a tourist.
Missed the Duck Boats...dang.
Well, Dion, guess you gotta come back!

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  1. No Cannoli pictures? Sad. Your visitors make me want to go back.