Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Adventure

Since Austin's birthday happened on the day we were flying out to Utah to take Ryan to school, we decided to celebrate on Saturday before we left.

We surprised him with a trip to the indoor skydiving place!
Everyone loved it.
Here are some pictures of the fun time:

The first time in they just sort of teach you how to hold your body and you get the hang of it.  
The second time in, everyone had a better handle on it and then the instructor also grabs hold of you and he lifts his feet off the ground as well and both of you go flying way up!
It was awesome to see.

First time:

Second time:

everyone thought is was hilarious that Ryan was just laughing the whole time.
Guess he liked it!

Afterward we had cupcakes decorated with Grateful Dead skulls (of course)

And then Austin got his big gift:  we ordered him a netbook!
He was pretty shocked that we offered him that gift but since he's planning to leave home we figured he'd need a computer.
He seemed to agree that the whole birthday celebration was a success.
And I felt less guilty as I flew away to Utah on his special day...


  1. I'm dying to try that! Invite me to his next birthday party!

  2. Come visit again and I'll take you!