Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ryan Returns!

Yes, my Ryan came home and it was so much fun to have him here!

The day Ryan came home didn't go exactly as I had pictured it, however.
When Branden came home from his mission, we didn't pull off the timing very well.  And even though we were at the airport with happy posters in hand, it turned out that he had already disembarked and was waiting at the luggage return instead of seeing us as he came out of the plane.
I vowed this would not happen again!

So we arrived in plenty of time for Ryan's flight.  We had posters, we had friends, we had a designated photographer.
We were excited!
We were excited in the parking lot.
We checked the flight board frequently.

We waited anxiously.
As people began to come down the stairs we got extra excited!
He never showed up.

Finally after about 45 minutes of anxiously waiting and looking up the stairs (getting cricks in our necks) we asked the gal in the luggage area who was kind enough to inform us that he was not on that flight but would be on the next one arriving 3 HOURS LATER.

So we went to dinner and sat around on the rocking chairs in the airport.

And waited for what seemed like an eternity.

It took some work, but we got ourselves re-excited even though we were so tired by this point...
And then

It was awesome.
He literally bounded down the stairs and launched himself into Frank's arms.
Check it out:
Frank is a mixture of excited and scared.  He has been sick, after all, and was afraid they were both going to go down from the force of that hug!  Ryan is literally off the ground...look closely!
I love how Austin is clapping in this picture.  We were all surprised by that greeting, not just Frank.
We had hugs all around and Ryan shared a few stories as we waited for luggage.
Then we headed back home with our returned missionary!

I love these moments of Family togetherness!


  1. That is awesome, I had tears in my eyes from that photo of him hugging Frank!

  2. Okay, so the picture of him launching himself at Frank made me BAWL. Bawl.

    Also, you look SERIOUSLY cute.