Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Guest Room Reveal (ish)

Ok ok, the guest room isn't totally finished.
But the finishing touches could take me awhile so I decided to show the room as it is now...almost done.
And totally capable of handling come on over!
Amber and the girls stayed in here and it worked out ok for them, but since there were 3 of them, we had beds on the floor too.
 So it wasn't very cute during their stay.

Here is the bed, garage sale bench and hooks on the wall for jackets or towels.
My bathroom is lacking in towel hanging space so I figured this would work to let guests keep track of their towels.

There are a few things I still need to do:
Figure out what kind of art should go on the wall by the bed.
It's a big blank space and it needs something...but I have no idea what.

Sew/make a bedskirt.  I'm making it myself so I get exactly what I want. 
Find/make cute magnets for the magnet board (this is where I will write a welcome message and put the wifi password for the guests)

Buy a little side chair to put under the magnet board so people can sit to put on shoes etc.

I'm still a bit undecided about whether or not I will put a small round table with a lamp in the bay window area.  It seems like it would be nice to have a lamp for reading near the bed but the room layout doesn't leave room for an actual nightstand so it wouldn't be right by the bed.  I still don't know. I don't want the room to feel too crowded.

A (dark) view from the doorway.

I could turn the bed the other way, I realize.  And that is how it was when it was Carter's room. But then the bed takes up all of the floor space.  All.  And I like the feeling of a more open room.

A view from the doorway.

You can see my $1 magnet board on the wall. I plan to have a chair underneath it in that little spot.

I painted it with chalkboard paint and I like it a lot now. 
I was only so-so about it before but for a dollar I figured I'd give it a try.

I kept the Ikea shelf system that Carter had.

I put drawers in the bottom for guests clothes.
(We will probably use it for off season stuff like sweaters as well...since we don't really get that many guests, to be honest)
Scrapbooks, books for guests to read and various pictures and a clock are on the other shelves.
A mirror near the door so you can check your hair on the way out :-)
and a new ceiling fan.
I can't believe I never noticed how awful the old fan was. So hideous.
Plus it made a whining noise that Carter complained about 
(now that I think about it...oops, sorry Carter!)
So I'm happy to be rid of it.

Frank says he knows I will spend a lot of time in this room.
He figures if he can't find me, he will know that I'm hiding out in the guest room.
It's so cheerful and non-beige.  
He's probably right.


I also got a new picture for the dining room.

It's a pretty inexpensive canvas that I got from and then I got a frame for it.
Before this I had a cute frame with chicken wire in it, which I loved at Christmas time with all of my cards on it...
but the rest of the time I struggle with what to put on it.
So for the last many months, it has been sitting empty, which looks pretty dumb.

So down it came today.
It hung horizontally in the dining room.

I put it up vertically in my laundry room where it is still empty but at least it isn't the first thing you see when you walk into my house.

I might make a cute little laundry sign to hang on it
or I might use it for coupons that I get in the mail and stuff like that.
It'll probably be useful and less cute in the laundry room and I'm ok with that.

If I had young kids I could use it for socks with no mates
but I don't have any cute socks and hanging adult socks would look weird anyway.

So who knows what it will become.
Perhaps an empty frame with chicken wire and a few clothes pins.

So that's the latest at my house.
Feel free to visit!

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  1. It looks so great! I've always wanted to have a guest room in my house. Maybe in 20 years. 😉 Love the new artwork too, I never thought to look for art at overstock!