Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This is what happens when you don't blog for a long time...

 The rental house saga continues.
I have spent many hours over there.
I removed the asbestos tiles from the bedroom and entryway.
And I looked gorgeous while doing it.

I had a little barbecue at my house for a couple of neighbors and the couple that rents our basement apartment.
I did the great Pringles taste test as an activity
(A friend had posted about going to a dinner party where they did this and I knew immediately that I had to do it!)
Everyone enjoyed the activity even though there was a consensus that several of the flavors were disgusting.
I also failed to take pictures of most of the people doing it...

I am still going to lunch with my parents every Thursday.
We sometimes try out new restaurants and we sometimes just go someplace we know we like.
Every once in awhile, my Dad likes to go up to Salt Lake and eat at the fancy restaurant that overlooks the Salt Lake Temple.
This last time we walked around enjoying the perfect fall weather and the beautiful flowers.
And my brother Dion was able to join us.
Good times.

Frank and Carter and I went to General Conference in the conference center in Salt Lake.
It really was great to be there in person
(we usually watch over the internet)
and we were all amazed at how much better the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is in person.

My niece, Lauren (from Alabama), came to Utah for a few days before she went into the MTC to serve a mission for our church.
The family got together to celebrate seeing her and it was awesome.
Then we took her to the MTC and dropped her off.
Yay for missionaries!

Our next door neighbor and good friend from Massachusetts, Nick, 
came to Utah to go to the MTC also.
He went in the same day as my niece.
We took him to dinner the night before he began his mission and it was awesome.
We miss our MA friends!
Also, Yay for missionaries!
I said, "Act like you like each other"
The awkward boy hug. 
Be careful not to touch!
These boys never stop being sarcastic...even when saying goodbye

I went to a bridal shower for my niece Jaime.
She is getting married in November and will be living in our little apartment.
It was a fun time and they played a game that I really liked.
(and I don't usually like shower games)
They asked a variety of questions to her fiancé and then we asked her the same questions.
If she got the answer right (the same as her fiancé) she got to open a present.
If she got it wrong, she had to chew a piece of gum.

She had a mouth full of gum and it was funny.
But she got a lot of questions right too...so we all gave her the thumbs up for getting married.

I went to a BYU football game with another visiting friend from MA, Stephanie.
We went with my brother Dion and his two boys.
We had a great time!
Carter and Charles (Stephanie's son and a good friend of Carter's) sat in the student section and had a good time as well.

And since the Grangers were here visiting, we invited another MA friend for dinner.
Arthur came over (we were sad his fiancé was sick and couldn't come).

Arthur was invited to the barbecue the night we did the Pringles thing...
but I had failed to tell him I got a new phone number.
So he was texting me and thought I was ignoring him
and I was wondering why he never came!

I've had a lot going on...no wonder I haven't blogged!

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  1. We made the missionaries try all the new Lay's potato chips. The gyro ones are DISGUSTING and they taste exactly like the disgusting mutton stew that everyone in Gallup loves and serves, so we knew the missionaries were the ones to test it on. It was so funny. I want to try the pringles one next!

    We did that game at my shower but the questions were written on kitchen utensils, and if I got it wrong the person who asked the question got to keep the utensil. I seriously got almost ZERO right, and it was so awkward, everyone handed me their utensil at the end and they were like, "um, here, I don't need this spatula." I was so embarrassed.

    You HAVE been busy. you have a fun life.