Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Money Pit revisited

Here are the things going on at our little rental house right now:

New windows went in yesterday.
They look very nice and actually open and close!
Now I need to do a fair amount of touch up painting.

New sewer pipe got installed today.
Yes, we had a blockage and had to have the sewer pipe scoped only to discover that it was collapsed and we would have to replace it.

New carpet goes into the basement next week.

Frank is installing a new heater for the basement.
Yes, it will be a much better place to live with heat...
He has framed in the spot for it and drilled a big hole in the wall for the vent.

Me looking down at Frank from outside the house

The bathroom is being framed and dry wall installed.
The shower is in and functional!
I still need to find a vanity small enough to fit in the space....and a mirror, and towel bars etc etc

Some of this was planned and some was a surprise.
New shower? planned.  Completely new bathroom including all new walls built? surprise.

This morning I woke to the sound of my phone buzzing on my nightstand.
When I grabbed it and saw that my tenant was calling me at 6:45 a.m., I knew I was in trouble.
The water line to the refrigerator had come unattached and had spewed water for who knows how long while she slept.  
She woke to the sound of running water, which alarmed her.
And me.

The upstairs kitchen, hall and bathroom were flooded.
The water ran down the walls and stairway and pretty much every room in the basement had water of varying amounts.

The laundry room has a floor drain and yet, somehow, there was water everywhere!
What good is that drain if it isn't the low spot?

I jumped out of bed and drove over there.
Thankfully my awesome sister who lives closer to the house than I do was also willing to run over there with towels and her shop vac.
We got it cleaned up and fans going.

We had to rip out the carpet on the stairs 
(which was being replaced next week anyway but I had planned for big burly carpet installers to do it, not weakling me).
The new drywall is wet.
The area under the stairs is really wet.
It is a lot of work to deal with water damage and clean up!

Here's what I'm grateful for:

That this happened when someone was there.
That this happened BEFORE we put the new carpet in the basement.
That the hardwood floors on the main floor were largely spared...and the ones that got wet didn't get soaked.
That my sister had dealt with flooding in her own house and was a huge help and a calm presence.
That home depot rents bigs fans.
That the sewer pipe repair was done with no major glitches or added expenses.  Our drains will now drain and are guaranteed for 10 years! yay!

But, oh, I am so tired.
and broke.


  1. Summer just said after reading this: remind me to never buy a rental house!

    1. Seriously. I know it'll be fine once this is all done but some days I wonder if it will ever be done!

  2. Oh my gosh! When it rains it pours, literally! Those water lines to fridges are the WORST. I swear most flooding in houses is caused by those stupid things. Did you know my dad has an alarm on his so if it leaks they'll know immediately? They paid a boatload of money for their hardwood floors and this is their "insurance". You should ask him about that.

    The windows look so nice!