Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Beach on Day 100

Frank and I went and spent 3 days at the beach to celebrate reaching Day 100.
Day 100 has big meaning for those people who have received bone marrow transplants.  At this point they lose many of the restrictions they've been living under.  
After Day 100 they can eat out, be in "crowds", and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
Its a big change for the better!

Our beach trip was a great and relaxing time.
sat on the beach and read
walked in the waves
ate out
had lots of treats including soft serve ice cream
bought sweatshirts because we BOTH forgot our jackets (lame)
went to a movie

No schedules, no where to be.

Here are some photos of our great time:

We ate at a little restaurant that had reviews saying it had the best fried chicken anywhere.  Oh man, it was delicious!  So delicious in fact that we ate there two days in a row.  And I even at the crispy skin!  Gross, I know, but it tasted so good that even I, chicken skin hater, had to eat it. haa!

Walking along the boardwalk...great background, Cars! haa
Just past those cars in the back is the beach though...

Our cute little hotel

Enjoying the beach

Frank's first soft serve cone in ages!  he really enjoyed it.

The view from our bedroom window


  1. Thanks for the update! I love it. Makes me want fried chicken and soft serve - and be grateful for it!

  2. You live in such a cool place. I love that you're close enough to all the fun stuff. I want to live there too! Congratulations to the whole family for making it to day 100. I'm sure it's been rough at times, but look at how awesome you both are! Eating chicken skin!