Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My "white trash" moment

Let me set the scene for you:
I got up this morning and decided it was a "cleaning day" so no need to get all dressed up.
I have my curly hair (picture Medusa) in a rubber band on top of my head.
Most of it doesn't stay in the band...
I am wearing workout pants and a t-shirt that says "Puerto Rico" on it
and flip flops. 
No make up (of course)

I spent the day doing various cleaning projects including changing sheets, doing laundry, vacuuming, and defrosting the freezer.
Sooo, however bad I looked this morning, I've gone downhill since.

 At some point I realize I should probably fix dinner.
Austin and his friend asked for a ride somewhere that was close to the grocery store so I figured, why not.  I could give them a ride and get some nice mom brownie points and then also go get some ground beef and make tacos and get some good wife brownie points too.
It does not occur to me to look in a mirror before heading out.

I shop.

No problems until the checkout when I look in my purse and discover 
No cash, no credit cards, I'm busted.
But by some miracle, my check book was in my purse.  I never write checks anymore but I had taken it to church for tithing so it was still in there.  Lucky day...or so I thought.

The girl at the checkout says its fine if I write a check even though I have no ID or anything.
I go to write the check and there is only one check in there.
Whew!  I comment on how this must be my lucky day.

She inputs it into the register and it comes back out.
She looks at me sheepishly and says, "I'm sorry.  It was rejected."
So we go through this whole thing with me saying "why would it get rejected?" and her trying not to say "because you don't have enough money"  because that's what she thinks.
I know I look like I'm broke and really dirty and desperate
but, really, I can cover the $34 check.
(yes I got more than ground beef!)

The front end manager comes over.
She recognizes me because I shop there all the time and says she'll see what she can do because I just have no other options other than leaving without my groceries.  
Which would be highly annoying.

As she is calling the manager I turn to the growing line behind me and apologize.
the guy behind me, with his kid in the cart, looks at me (everyone is uncomfortable and not making eye contact...oy) and says,"Those bank fees, they can sneak up on you"

He thinks my check is bad.
I seriously felt so lame right then.
I'm like "no, really I know I have money in my account, I don't know why it didn't go through" and all the while I'm wondering WHY I feel the need to tell this to this man that I don't know.

The store took my check in the end.
I have images of my identity being stolen and finding out that there really isn't any money in my account.
But when I get to the car and call the bank they say everything is fine and there is no reason why the check shouldn't have gone through.

When I get home and tell my husband the tale he looks at me with that look that he gets when he thinks he's funny and says,"Well, you might think about dressing a little nicer before you go to the store...and taking a wallet next time."


  1. Oh I'm dying!! Sooo hilarious!

    I've had moments like those, usually when we were on WIC in Utah and of course only one register is open and I really didn't have any money.... Big long lines and cashiers yelling "it's going to be a while, she has WIC!" ah the good old poor days.

    1. Yes it took me back to my WIC days!