Saturday, April 7, 2012

Selling a house

Selling a house is a tiring thing.
Really its just about keeping rooms clean, laundry done, dishes put away.  In theory these things should be done all the time, right?
But gosh apparently we don't do that normally because doing them everyday is such a TASK.
I've quit sorting laundry so we'll be having some dingy dingy whites soon.
I do one big load each day...whatever is dirty goes in and gets washed!
I also do one load of Frank's clothes for the day since his clothes have to be washed separately.
Since there are so few of us and I do so little cooking the dishes are a little easier but somehow my children are incapable of looking into the dishwasher to see if it is empty or has dirty dishes so their dishes tend to go into the sink.  This makes me want to strangle them, by the way.  (I'm on edge)
Regular sweeping and vacuuming.
Checking mirrors and touching them up.
Washing sinks.
and I've become a believer in those daily shower sprays (whether they work or not they make me feel like I'm cleaning the tub and shower)

Then after all that is done you can go on your way for the day.
Do I skip some of these steps occasionally?
you betcha.
But not for long.  Not like I used to before my house selling days.

Frank is much less motivated or stressed about selling the house than I am.  He figures it will happen when it happens.
I, on the other hand, am constantly saying "someone needs to buy this house" and other similar comments.

After looking at my daily list I think I know why.

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  1. Keeping a house in showing shape is AWFUL. I feel you, sister. I do. Also, I stopped sorting laundry when I started paying for it. Now I shove as much as I can into each washer regardless of water temperature or color. Our clothes look awesome. Or not.