Saturday, January 7, 2012

Looking Back III-Christmas Day

I know you are all curious about the gifts we got from Frank
(the ones with the notes)
so here is a little peak at Christmas morning:
The note on this one read "For the kid who loves vegetables, don't eat these"
 It's a bean bag
and he hates veggies anyway
 My cute new purse from my in-laws
 A book Carter's been wanting

This might have been Branden's favorite...
lots of cash from Grandma and Grandaddy with a picture of a car (just like the one he's trying to fix up) telling him to use it to work on his car!

Ok here's Carter opening the one from Frank that said,
 "When stealing mine doesn't work, there's always Christmas"
He really couldn't figure that one out.
It was a backpack.
You see, at the beginning of the school year Carter had "stolen" one of Frank's backpacks to use for school and he really loved it.  But he didn't know it was the backpack that Frank uses all the time when he travels.  So Frank got him his own cool, good backpack. 
he loves it.
A cut hat I got for Amber.
She isn't really this red in real life, I have no idea what's going on here.
Austin with his Grateful Dead blanket
 Branden got lots of tools.
He's a tool guy now.
Ok, I got a cute camera bag.
I opened my See's chocolates before I opened the camera bag...
So in every shot I am eating or chewing or biting a chocolate.
Frank thought it was funny.

 My big gift to Frank and the boys.
It's such a cool game!
and I hate Risk.
So the rule is that I  make cookies when they play and they don't hassle me to play with them.

 Frank's big gift to me (and himself)
The note said:

"There are many benefits to losing weight.
Hopefully this gift will deliver results for you!"

 It's a flat screen tv!
Our other tv was too heavy for the tv stand I made for it so this one will be better (we hope)
It's lovely.
and HUGE.
 Now for the most amazing gift of the day
This one wasn't from us or Santa or even a relative
it was from a friend from church who found out that Carter is a Beatles fan
 He gave him two Beatles vinyl records and covers
 Along with some memorabilia that is super duper rare

 We were all amazed!

And last we have Austin's reaction to his big gift.
But that's another blog entirely...


  1. You are SO CUTE! I love your purse and your chocolate-eating ways. I also love Frank's creativity. He's just so clever. I'm looking forward to the next post!

  2. How fun are those notes and xmas day at your house! I love that you also get dressed while everyone else is in their pj's cause I do that too!