Thursday, March 16, 2017


I've been sewing lately and it's been fun for the most part.
I'm seriously considering taking a class or two because, although I like to sew, I always feel like I'm kind of winging it. I don't really know what I'm doing.
and I've never been one to sew clothes...I always sew curtains or pillows or stuff like that.
But I decided to sew some little skirts for the grandkids.
I looked for patterns online and found an easy one and a cuter one.  So I went with the cuter one of course! (it is still simple but it has a second tier to keep the bulk away from the waist but still be twirly)
And the girl who showed the cuter pattern likes to line her skirts so of course I had to do that too.
Then I decided to add pockets.  Because, pockets!

Anyway, I sewed for days.

At one point Frank asked me what I was doing.  
He said, "I thought you were making a couple of skirts for the girls...but you've been working forever.  What are you doing exactly?"
I said, "Well, Isabelle likes dinosaurs and Kaylee likes cats so I made those two.  Then I found this other cute fabric that I just couldn't pass up so I used that.  Then I also had leftover floral fabric from the curtains so I figured I might as well use it!  And then I found out they girls like 'Frozen'..."
He interrupted "So, you are out of control"
Me, "yep"

So, yeah, in the end I made 4 skirts per girl.
Some have pockets, some don't.
Some have cute colorful bands on the bottom, some don't.
Two are the simplest skirt pattern and the rest are the other pattern.

Doneen helped me by serging the hem of the lining fabric.  I'm pretty terrible with the slippery stuff.

I had a mess going in several rooms of the house, plus other rooms fall apart because I am not doing any cleaning or upkeep as I focus on one project to the detriment of all others.  It's how I am and I've learned to accept it.

I will post pictures of all of the finished skirts eventually...
but I want Amber and the girls to see them in person first.

I sure hope they fit!

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