Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sleep eludes me these days.
Oh not completely, but I get less of it than I want.
I stay up later than I should because even though I feel tired, when I lay down I don't fall asleep.
My brain keeps whirring away.
Then I finally fall asleep and there are two possibilities:
1-I sleep fine for a few hours and pop awake around 4:30 or 5:00 and I'm done.
2-I sleep fitfully, waking about every 2 hours or so until I wake for good possibly around 6 or 6:30

I usually find myself very sleepy around 2:00 or so and sometimes get a nap which is awesome.
I sometimes find myself very sleepy as I drive to or from Boston which is not awesome.

Sleep is such a strange thing.  When you are so tired, why can't you sleep?


  1. That is the worst. For me it's when I have a baby and I'm exhausted but I know as soon as I fall asleep the kid is going to wake up and ruin my slumber. So I can never fall asleep until he or she has woken up the first time, so that I now I have a good few hours of sleep. Now that my kids sleep better, it's more of a "I can't shut my mind off" thing. I wish I could take your worries so you could sleep, man.

  2. So although Frank is home you are still going back and forth to the hospital a lot? Or is he back in?

    I get the no sleep thing, been there for awhile now, it stinks! Sorry, I'm no help!